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INTERSPIRO began its existence as a part of AGA – a multinational industrial group started in 1904 by Swedish Nobel laureate Gustaf Dalén [link to Nobel e-museum]. Early on AGA diversified from navigation aids and gas to a wide range of core related products, including regulators to save gas in AGA's lighthouses. These regulators found their way into applications for the medical field and for respiratory protection.

In the second half of the 1940's breathing equipment – for fire fighting and diving – had become a recognised product range and due to the technological level of AGA many new and advanced innovations saw the light of day.

In 1974 AGA Spiro was formed as a part of AGA's medical division. In 1983 AGA concentrated its company portfolio, AGA Spiro become INTERSPIRO and left the AGA company sphere. Interspiro has had a steady expansion over the years, with a policy to first ensure a good service organisation and product knowledge before taking the step into a new market. In 1979 the companies in Germany and Austria was incorporated, in 1983 the UK company and shortly thereafter companies in the Netherlands and Switzerland. In 1985 Interspiro started a company in USA and in 2002 a company in Malaysia to cover the Asia/Pacific region.

Interspiro has always been at the forefront in the development of respiratory protection. Working closely with the Swedish Air Force Interspiro developed the first combined
G-suit/oxygen breathing system used in the fighter Saab 35 Draken and the multi-role fighter Saab 37 Viggen.

Interspiros goal in the design of respiratory protection is to satisfy customers needs in regard to safety, performance, reliability and quality. Our customers work in tough environments, under extreme conditions, and the life support system must cater for these conditions – allowing the operator to concentrate on the task at hand. With this philosophy Interspiro has developed many revolutionary solutions that have dramatically improved our customers working conditions.

INTERSPIRO DIVING. A tragic bus accident in central Stockholm after the war raised the concern that divers could not be quickly deployed to the crash site. The government asked AGA if they could provide a rapid deployment diving device for search and rescue operations.

AGA began an extensive research program and in 1948 the Worlds first underwater breathing apparatus for search and rescue was presented to the Swedish authorities.The device, commonly referred to as the ‘iron bed’ (because of the shape of the carrying frame), featured a breathing valve with inhalation and exhalation in the same diaphragm. The first of many Interspiro innovations in the field of diving.Today, 60 years later, the latest generation of Interspiro SCUBA equipment – DIVATOR – is still the preferred choice for professional divers around the World.

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