The “Fahnehjelm’ diving helmet.

Lieutenant Mechanic Anton Ludvig Fahnen, born in Stockholm on 28 of July 1807. He went to England in in 1838 and there he was inspired by english divers using Augustus Siebe diving equipment. When he returned to Sweden he designed his own diving helmet and on September 10 1839 was granted the patent rights to this helmet. The helmet has 4 windows, and is equipped with a protective handle at the top. The air connection is at the back and inside the helmet has a non return valve. The air channels run over the sides inside the helmet, the exhaust valve is placed at the left side. This remarkable helmet is believed to have inspired Axel Lindqvist to build his ‘pot’ helmets ( see the Axel Lindqvist chapter )

With special thanks to Mikael Zingmark for his help with this chapter.

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