Miller Dunn, Miami Florida USA

Miller Dunn gained fame with their ‘shallow water helmet’ ( ‘DIVINHOOD’ ) of which 3 different version were manufactured. The first style 1, followed up by the style 2 and 3. DIVINHOOD STYLE 3 was manufactured in large quantities for both the US Navy and civil use. It was the Miller Dunn DIVINHOOD which allowed the public to enter the underwater world, this because it was both a very simple design and cheap when compared with a ‘closed diving dress’. Miller Dunn was established in 1915 but the oldest document from this company in my library is an old advert for the Miller Dunn 1 helmet offered for sale by another company dated 1916 and a leaflet from the ‘Diving Hood Style 2’ which is dated 1927. The advert I ‘salvaged’ from the internet ...  During the second world war Miller Dunn also manufactured US Navy MK5 helmets, but since they only manufactured a small quantity these are now desired by collectors who pay important prices for them, be aware of ‘fakes ... The Miller Dunn ‘DIVINHOOD STYLE 3’ helmets were either finished with a bronze / red paint, or with the grey paint which the Navy used. Most helmets around however have been stripped and polished which makes it hard to find one in their original condition. On the european continent the Miller Dunn helmets have never been used so the ones in collections over here have been imported from abroad in recent years.


the scrapbook of diving history