My Library, DESCO


the scrapbook of diving history


1965 DESCO sales catalog

Probably originally published in a folder with hard cover.

1970’s DESCO sales catalog

42 pages. Mine is a loose leaf set of pages, maybe it once was a booklet and cut loose to fit a folder with hard cover.

1961 DESCO promotion folder

Soft cover folder promoting the SAF-T-EYE tank pressure indicator. Do you have DESCO documentation which I do not have in my library? Then I can offer a ( genuine ) duplicate of this promotion folder in exchange; I have a couple of them.

1994 DESCO sales catalog

32 pages

1996 DESCO sales catalog

20 pages

2000 DESCO sales catalog

20 pages

1943 The Buie Recirculation Diving Suit

Published as the ‘Mine Disposal Bulletin No22’ on July 1, 1943. 7 pages with text plus 22 pages with B&W photographs of the Buie equipment followed by 2 photo pages showing the Victor Berge diving mask, followed by 2 pages showing the MSA MK3 Gas Mask as manufactured by MSA

1945 Lightweight Diving Outfit ( DESCO Jack Browne )

Published by the Unites States Government Printing Office Washington 1954. 20 pages 15 x 23 cm, bw illustrations, soft cover.