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the scrapbook of diving history


1935 Schrader Diving Apparatus

Sales catalog. Soft cover. 18 pages. B&W illustrations. This is a reproduction I once bought at a meeting of the Historical Diving Society in the USA. When you have other Schrader catalogs available then please let me know.

199? American Dive Catalog Collection

By Ray Mathieson. Over 400 pages of very rare American catalogs: 

Alfred Hale Co.;A.Schrader Diving Equip. Co. (3) catalogs; A.J.Morse &Son (3);  D.E.S.Co.;  Miller Dunn Co. (3);  Batteryless Telephone Equip. Co.;  Craftsweld Co.;  John Date Co. (2);  M.&E. Marine Supply Co.;  Buie ww2 Helium Helmet;  Ohio Rubber Co. (maker of the Victor Berge mask);  Thompson Eng. Co. (maker of the T.E.Co. full face mask);  E.J. Willis Co. (distributor of the Snead Shallow water helmets and air pump).

199? Schrader Historical Package

By Ray Mathieson. A folder with several reprints of old technical drawings from Schrader diving equipment, unfortunately the drawings have been reduced to A4 size so there is not much you can see or read on them ...