Famous for their SCUBA equipment Nemrod also manufactured diving helmets. They are not very common but they have been sold in some quantity in Scandinavia as a much cheaper alternative to the common english Siebe Gorman helmets. A Nemrod diving helmet now is a valuable collectors item. The Nemrod company has ceased its business.


the scrapbook of diving history

Above: a page from a Nemrod Sales Catalog from the nineteen sixties. The helmet pictured is the famous ‘Cazador, Rey De Babilonia’ helmet.

Above: the famous ‘Nemrod El Cazador, Rey De Babilonia’ helmet. Looking a lot like a common Siebe Gorman helmet but with an important difference: there where the English helmets have leather gaskets to make a water tight seal between the breastplate and helmet and between the face plate and helmet, the Nemrod has rubber Orings. Als has this helmet been made out of thicker copper and is several kilo’s heavier then the Siebe Gorman 12 bolt helmet.