In september 2012 belgian historical diving enthusiast Jaap Stenger and myself drove to the ‘St George’ Strandingsmuseum in Thorsminden, Denmark. Jaap had purchased a nice Danish navy 2 bolt diving helmet which we had to pick up and together we visited Philip Nathansen and Gert Normann who, at the time, worked for the Strandingsmuseum.

The Strandingsmuseum is named after a ship: the ‘St George’, a large wooden sailing ship that was practically the sister ship of Nelsons flagship HMS Victory (still on display in Portsmouth England) In December 1811 the St George foundered close to the Danish coast where the museum is now and 1200/1300 sailors and soldiers lost their lives. The wreck of the St George has been explored by Philip and Gert for many years and they retrieved a ‘treasure’ in artifacts carried by the ship. In August 2012, only 3 weeks earlier, Gert and Philip salvaged a complete set of Franz Clouth Diving equipment from a German shipwreck in the North Sea. My main goal was to get some good photographs of the equipment for my book project, but the air pump and regulator backpack were still in fresh water containers to wash the salt out.

I would have to come back later for some good photo’s of that but in December 2014 Mr Silver, curator of a new Museum sent me a nice set of photographs showing the restored diving equipment. Also he informed me that the dive set will not be displayed in the Strandingsmuseum ‘St Georg’ in Thorsminden, it will instead be displayed in a new museum which is currently (january 2015) being established by Gert Norman of JD-Contractors. I was told that most of the diving equipment and a large part of the artifacts salvaged by the dive team of Gert Normann will be moved from the Strandingsmuseum to the new museum too. This new museum is called the ‘Sea War Museum Jutland’ and it will be open to visitors late 2015 or in 2016. The museum has its own website which can be visited for updates:

Gert also publishes books, see the ‘my library’ section of the Denmark chapter.

2012 a visit to Gert Normann and Philip Nathansen of the Strandingsmuseum ‘St George’ in Thorsminden


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